Hi there! I’m Erika Heidi, a software engineer currently funemployed with the ever challenging, full-time job of raising a little human being.

I’ve done many interesting and sometimes even scary things in my life, but nothing changed me like being a mom. Being a mom also changed my relationship with tech and coding, or maybe it just resurfaced the excitement I used to feel in the very beginning, when everything was new. The difference is that, this time, I want to create toys and interactive things for my girl, I want to create fun and smart little gadgets for our home, and I want to inspire her to be a maker.

Codingmama is a blog for new makers, people who want to learn how to build cool stuff with basic electronics, user-friendly boards and coding, and also some art and crafts because… Why not? It’s all about having fun.

Codingmama wouldn’t exist without the help of codingdaddy (a.k.a my husband and Alice’s dad), who also happens to be my best friend and partner/mentor in these prototyping adventures. We can’t wait to see little Alice joining us when she’s big enough 😊

I hope you find interesting things here, and if you have any questions, suggestions or corrections to propose, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can find me on Twitter  and you can also email me at hello @ codingmama.io✌️

I also have my own Patreon page so if you want to support my work, the best way is by being my patron <3 You’ll have access to behind-the-scenes, original artwork and early access to premium content about electronics, coding and other cool stuff!